Alien disclosure is imminent, says NASA chief Jim Bridenstine


Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator has revealed that the probability of discovering alien life on other planets is increasing day by day. He made this remark while talking to NPR podcast All Things Considered.

"Each of these things adds up to say that the probability of finding life on a world that's not our own is going up. And Mars, I think, is that best opportunity in our own solar system to find life on another world," Bridenstine said during the podcast, reports.

During the podcast, Bridenstine also added that their lunar mission scheduled in 2024 will go as planned, As per Bridenstine, the lunar mission scheduled in 2024 is the first step to achieve the ultimate goal of Mars colonization, which will most probably happen in the 2030s.

Bridenstine added that living in the moon will help humans to learn how to live and work in another world before landing on the Red Planet.

"It just so happens that the moon is a proving ground, so we can go to the moon and we can learn how to live and work on another world. How do we retire the risk? Prove the technology and then take all of that to Mars," added Bridenstine.

Bridenstine also criticized people who argue that the should spend the money used for space missions on national security and healthcare. The NASA administrator revealed that criticisms of similar manner have risen when the United States was busy gearing up with Apollo moon missions in the 1960s.

In the meantime, Elon Musk's SpaceX is also gearing up towards achieving the goal of Mars colonization. The South African billionaire had previously revealed that he will land and live on the Red Planet despite narrow chances of survival. He also made it clear that the government that will be established on Mars will be based on direct democracy.

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