Swedish actress Alicia Vikander and German–Irish actor Michael Fassbender have opened up about their relationship. The two met on the set of The Light Between Oceans, where they play a husband and wife.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the talked about keeping their dating life private. He said: "It wasn't the first time in a movie either of us had played somebody who is falling in love. There is an element of separation there. If I'm playing a murderer, I don't go out and start murdering people...I'm not going to talk about my private life with a total stranger, unless I feel like I need to. Why would I? I don't."

Vikander added: "And I think we've made a clear statement that we keep certain things just between us. It was very easy to unite, but that's quite personal."

Fassbender admitted that he wascurious about the personal lives of many celebrities around the world. He said: "I might have been curious about actors' lives when I was growing up. That's human nature. We're all curious about a lot of things. But my curiosity didn't obligate them to tell me. It's the worst thing if you're sitting there in the theater, going, 'Oh, that's the guy who dates this person and likes to do this in the morning and that in the afternoon.' Then you're just watching a brand, as opposed to an actor."

The Light Between Oceans is set to release on 2 September.