Alice Veglio announces bright & fit will be a lifestyle app

Alice Veglio

Alice professional career has led her to invent a new wellness concept, known as holistic fitness.

In particular, since 2018, Alice has glimpsed the digital world's potential in renewing the fitness sector, which is still too tied to traditional schemes.

Therefore, she has designed an App dedicated to her clients enrolled in the "Bright & Fit" program. The technical team that supports Alice launched the first version of the app in January 2020.

The launch was an unprecedented event on the Italian scene. During 2020, many women could appreciate the various contents of the app, all of which were designed to strengthen women's empowerment, bringing together aspects related to physical training, self-esteem, and nutrition.

Clients immediately appreciated the fitness app's contents, giving rise to positive word of mouth to make it a real brand.

Ten months after the first version of the app's release, the time has come to update it and launch the exclusive 2.0 version!

The updated version will include all the content dedicated to women's wellness at 360 degrees (included in the current app) and biometric tracking tools to monitor all habits, such as water intake and calculation of calories brought by each food. Besides, it will also be possible to trace with precision all the steps of the different workouts.

Version 2.0 of Bright & Fit app will represent a significant turning point for the lifestyle sector, especially for the Italian market.

Despite the period of restrictions we are going through to fight the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, each subscriber can develop a personalized program dedicated to their well-being and monitor progress through the app's use.

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to adopt correct habits to achieve aesthetic goals and improve and preserve our physical and mental health.

Alice bets that the digital world can help us improve our lifestyle day after day. To test her fitness program's success, ask the over 15,000 satisfied women who have downloaded and used her app so far!

The updated version of the app will be available from the first months of 2021: we are looking forward to testing it as soon as it is launched!