Alice Goodwin goes naked in bathtub during self-isolation amid coronavirus scare

Alice Goodwin has posted some racy pictures on her Instagram handle while she is in self-quarantine. The sizzling model shared an image of herself lying naked in a bathtub and reading a book with the caption: ''Self Isolation. Also this book changed my life, thank me later x.'' The book in question is 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck'.

The picture has received a number of likes and comments. Quite a lot of them asked the model if they can join her in the bathtub, while several others said they don't mind giving the brunette beauty a massage.

Alice Goodwin Naked In Bathtub
Instagram grab/ Alice Goodwin

Celebrating Mother's Day

People in the United Kingdom celebrated Mother's Day on March 22 amid the coronavirus scare and Goodwin took to Instagram thanking all the mothers out there for their love and care. She revealed that she's lucky to have her mother besides her in these testing times and asked others to wait it out a few days, to meet and greet their mother personally.

''Happy Mother's Day to all the fantastic mothers out there who have the most amazing job in the world . Today is very bittersweet. I'm sure for many, especially at this time so sending love to all of those who can't see their mothers today for whatever reason. I am feeling very lucky to have mine here and to be given the gift of my beautiful daughter and my unbelievable nieces and nephew.''

Coronavirus death toll in the UK

The coronavirus pandemic is haunting the United Kingdom as 5,683 cases have been confirmed and 281 people have lost their lives as on March 23. The government has ordered a lockdown and only essential services are on. Officials are considering shutting non-essential services to avoid crowding in order to prevent infections from spreading.

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