Alice: All you Need to Know About Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won's Comeback Drama

Alice is a science fiction drama that revolves around the life of a detective named Park Jin Gyeom and his relationship with physics professor Yoon Tae Yi

Actress Kim Hee Sun, who is known for her role as lawyer Eulji Hae Yi in 2018 tvN drama Room No. 9, will make her comeback to the small screen with an upcoming science-fiction drama Alice. In the new project, she will portray a highly talented physics professor Yoon Tae Yi. The mini-series will premiere on SBS towards the end of this month.

The television drama is written by Kim Kyu Won and directed by Baek Soo Chan. It revolves around the life of a detective named Park Jin Gyeom and his relationship with the physics professor. My Sassy Girl actor Joo Won will portray the male lead in the drama. It is worth noting that he is making a comeback to the small screen after three years.

Other popular Korean actors to appear in the mini-series include Lee Jung Hyun, Yeonwoo, Lee Jae Yoon, Hwang Seung Eon, Choi Won Young, Kim Sang Ho, Kwak Si Yang, and Lee Da Hi. According to the production team, Da In will play the role of a news reporter named Kim Do Yeon, and Si Yang will portray an elite secret agent of an organization that protects time travelers. The name of his character in the drama is Yoo Min Hyuk.

What is the Story of Alice?

The mini-series follow detective Jin Gyeom as he investigates a mysterious case. During his investigation, he gets to know about the existence of time travelers in the city. So he tries to collect more details about them and finds out that all of them are coming from the future through a mysterious space called Alice.

The detective also gets to know that these time travelers are planning to destroy the city, and he struggles to fight with them. During the battle, he meets physics professor Tae Yi, and he believes that they are fated to work together against these time travelers. They gradually join hands to stop the time travelers from their evil doings.

A poster of upcoming science fiction drama Alice SBS

When will Alice Premiere on SBS and How to Watch it Online?

Alice will premiere on SBS on August 28, Friday, at 10 p.m. KST. People in Korea can watch the mini-series by tuning on the broadcasting channel on TV or by logging in to the official website for the channel. K-Drama fans from other parts of the world can watch the science fiction thriller through various online streaming sites.

Meanwhile, the production team for this television drama described it as a new genre show that will have a lot of melodrama, comedy, and humanism. According to them, the mini-series will keep the viewers glued to the screens with its near-perfect story.