Alica Schmidt: 'World's Sexiest Athlete' Breaks the Internet Despite Failing to Make Olympics Debut

Alica Schmidt, who is often termed as the 'world's sexiest athlete, has won millions of hearts with her stunning looks and athletic skills. The German athlete was set to compete for her first Olympic medal in the women's 4×400 mixed relay event Saturday night, but failed to make her debut as the German mixed team got disqualified from the event following an erroneous baton changeover in the heats with the Jamaican team.

Schmidt has been documenting her activities in the Olympic Village ever since the day of her arrival. Schmidt's first video blog post from the Olympic village took the internet by storm, garnering over 232,000 likes and views within a short period. In the video, the German runner is seen stretching as she was preparing herself for the scheduled events at the Tokyo Olympics.

"Touchdown Tokyo. First impressions of the olympic villages ☺️ #tokyo2020 #olympics #trackandfield #olympicvillage #dreamscometrue," Schmidt captioned the video post on Instagram.

Alica Schmidt

That said, Schmidt, 22, recently revealed that she hates being called the 'world's sexiest athlete.' The runner has racked up an incredible 1.8 million followers on her official Instagram account. Earlier, Schmidt revealed some stunning Olympic workout videos on social media, leaving thousands of followers mesmerized.

Who is Schmidt Dating?

Her perfect athletic figure and confident personality have definitely smitten millions of fans worldwide in the past few years. Many are curious about the sprinter's dating history as they wonder if she is currently in a relationship. If yes, who is Schmidt dating now?

The popular social media influencer, who exhibits quite a lot of charm in everything she does, is very secretive about her personal life. However, there have been reports that Schmidt has been dating German bodybuilder Fredi Richter.

While her dating history has been quite static for the last few years, it seems she is currently in a long-term relationship with Richter. The couple has been together for over five years now.

Schmidt Sexy Photos

Schmidt Sexy Instagram Video

In one of her Instagram posts, Schmidt shared a sexy video of herself ramp-walking beside an infinity pool. The runner sported a hot swimsuit with a white shrug that has left fans wanting for more.

Schmidt stuns in bikini

Alica Schmidt Flaunts Curves in Sexy Bodycon Dress

Alica Schmidt in Action on the Track