Ali Alhashemi Shares Key Steps for Building Self-Discipline at the Workplace

Ali Alhashemi

Barber Ali Alhashemi, also known as Barber Al, is a celebrity barber, who cuts hair for Sada Baby, Jerome Bettis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and the entire Detroit Lions team. Besides cutting hair, Al also owns his line of organic hair care products. He is ranked among the topmost viewed and followed influencers on Instagram.

Ali Alhashemi's social media posts and stories have influenced a large segment of the social calendar on Instagram. He's become a well-known Instagram personality all across the world. With each passing day, his Instagram followers grow by the thousands. His passion for his profession is the only reason he has gained this recognition and success. He uses inspiring images and posts to encourage his followers to work hard and never give up hope, no matter what the circumstances.

He began his career in a garage, which serves as the strongest inspiration for his followers to continue in his footsteps. Ali writes in his own book that he is dedicated to helping the underprivileged by sticking to his profession diligently. A living legend, Ali's story depicts man's ambition to change a community for a better tomorrow. It teaches us that everyone confronts difficulty, and how you respond to it determines the outcome in your life.

Ali is also substantially equipped with hair tricks. His knowledge about hair is current and well-founded. His Instagram profile not only shows how beautifully he cuts hair but also how he places a profound importance of communicating with the client to achieve the desired hairstyle. His tips on inculcating self-discipline, such as the importance of communicating essentially with your barber, are also explained in his Instagram stories.

Ali started cutting his hair while he was in his teens. The background to this is that it did not satiate him with how random barbers cut his hair. He ended up styling his hair himself, and at the insistence of his father, he began trying various techniques on others' hair too. Ali's simple, yet ambitious beginnings were in his garage. He always nurtured the idea of spreading happiness through whatever profession he chose. Not only did he hone and polish his skill, he also made it a point to encourage, motivate and uplift the spirits of his clients. There are ample tips and secret techniques that he uses that have earned him the popularity and fame that he espouses today.

Ali numerously works towards helping people to discover security in themselves amidst hardships. Every time he treats a client, he works towards providing a beautiful experience to him/her. The secret to his popularity is that he knows how important it is to establish a connection of trust and sincerity between the professional and the client. He talks dedicatedly with his clients, and humbly builds a relationship that resonates around sensibility. As soon as the clients are done getting their haircut, they feel a positive change not only in their physical appearance, but their conscience too.

Ali's kindness and beautiful nature are reflected in how he and his team conduct charities. From neighborhood free haircuts, haircuts at homeless shelters, to Christmas events, Barber Al is always there for the community to remind people they are not alone during important times.