Ali Ahmed Almohannadi on the Liberating Feeling of Pursuing His Passion to Make Kinfolks Co a Leading Marketing Firm

Ali Ahmed Almohannadi

The marketing industry has seen a lot of young entrepreneurs achieve big by using their skilled mindset and intricate knowledge about the subject. Ali Ahmed Almohannadi, the founder and head of Kinfolks Co, is an example of pure intelligence in the marketing industry.

After completing his graduation in science and forensics, Almohannadi turned towards marketing and pursued a BS degree in business management from Wolverhampton University in the United Kingdom. Later, he went on to do his MS in marketing from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. After, he was finally qualified to follow his passion, and says It was liberating when "I decided to pursue my passion and made Kinfolks Co a leading marketing firm."

He developed his interest in marketing at the young age of 15 when he started helping at his uncle's company. Working with his uncle and under his guidance helped him develop his communication and marketing skills, of which he was unaware of until he noticed his interest in helping his friends in managing their social media and branding. He says that even though he had a keen eye to the needs of marketing, his friends helped him realize that this was the career path he was meant to pursue. He has come a long way from handling his friend's social media branding and is now an owner of a successful marketing firm.

Born in Al Khor, Qatar, Almohannadi received his BS in analytical chemistry and forensic science from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Soon, he realized his passion and turned towards management studies. His work and passion led him to establish his firm. Kinfolks Co, a marketing management firm based in West Bay, Doha, Qatar, specializing in marketing, branding, and advertising all around the globe. It was a dream child of Almohannadi, who deviated from his usual career path, and indulged himself in the marketing industry. The firm started producing overwhelming results, and completed hundreds of projects in different industries, helping their brand image achieve global recognition. Mondrian Hotel, Rotana hotel, Alrayyan (Hilton brand), Fact magazine, and Oh La La magazine have been his most successful projects until now. Revelry, the Oh La La magazine, honored VenitaApp for its important contribution and impact in the beauty industry in Qatar for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. Apart from marketing, Almohannadi also has a keen interest in social work to give back what his country has given him. He has been awarded several times by Qatar Charity for volunteering and engaging in community services, which has been his constant work since he started earning through marketing.

Almohannadi's transition from a forensic student to a marketing giant is inspirational for all those people who think their first field of study should be their last, and fear changing fields due to lack of experience and exposure.