Ali Adel - Egypt's best male actor all set to be an international actor

Ali Adel

Has it ever happened with you that you started watching a movie / TV series in an unknown foreign language to kill some time and got completely hooked to your screen. Not only this, at times people are so impressed that they start following the artists and go through all their works. In the world of the digital era, foreign content is gaining popularity worldwide and as a result, new international stars are born from artists who convey messages beyond the language barrier. One such artist is Egyptian actor Ali Adel

Ali who has won three best male actor awards in Egypt is of a Bahraini - Egyptian descent. After doing stage shows in schools, Ali worked in various plays and attended various acting workshops. He relentlessly worked in drama and plays and gradually moved to television which made him a household name.

Ali also bagged a feature film and his work moved audiences worldwide. Ali has various credits to his name; some of his projects include Hamada Plays, Qadain Leh in 2005, Inas Bakr's popular series 'Hanan Wa Haneen' in the year 2007, Ehky Ya Shahrazad' and 'Hala and Almstahbi' in 2009, Bab Al-hara (multiple seasons), What the Day Owes the Night (2012) and El-Haram el-Rabe (2016) and Feature Film German.

Ever since Ali started receiving accolades from international audiences, he has been keen on taking up projects outside Egypt & Syria. His choice of works has earned him the distinction of being a standout actor and he is in no mood to rush through this. Ali has been discussing various projects with multiple international banners but is waiting for the right character to come his way.

We are excited to find out all about his next move and have our eyes set towards his next big announcement towards being the next worldwide actor.