Alex makes 'delicious food' after fighting with Rainbow's Hyunyoung

Alex and Rainbow's Hyunyoung have a 12-year age gap between them

Alex and Rainbow's Hyunyoung
Alex and Rainbow's Hyunyoung patch up in adorable way after fights Instagram/alexfromsunda

Clazziquai member Alex and Rainbow's Hyunyoung's relationship is going stronger than ever. The 37-year-old artist has now spilled few details about their bond.

During an episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Alex revealed how they make up after a fight. He said: "We make up with delicious food. I put all my feelings into the food, which can't be all described in words."

Adding on, the actor revealed that the two do not care about their age difference. He said: "We're 12 years apart but there's no generation gap. However, the difference between males and females always exists."

Alex and the 24-year-old singer met in 2015 through a mutual acquaintance, and fell in love. Alex's label DSP Media stated: "Alex and Hyunyoung are dating well. They're growing their love while dating. However, there are no plans for marriage as of yet. We recently asked, but there's been no talk of plans. If they do decide to marry, we'll make an official announcement. She and Alex have not made plans for marriage yet."

A source close to the two told Soompi at that time: "Alex liked her first, but she liked him back quickly as well. They did not try to hide it at all. Alex even introduced her as his girlfriend at one of the dinners."