Alex Fong-Stephy Tang separation: 'I'm sorry you have to face this alone'

The 36-year-old actor gives his first public appearance after the break-up news and addresses media with teary eyes.

One of Chinese entertainment industry's long-time couples, Alex Fong and Stephy Tang, ended their relationship by releasing a press note 10 years after they proposed to each other.

The couple who sang 6 duets together and did quite a few movies decided to split mutually for the betterment of each other.

In a recent charity food festival, the 36-year-old gave his first public appearance after the break-up news and addressed the media with teary eyes.

The Hon Kong-based actor said that his hands were actually shaking when he first went on to read the statement released by his agency on his phone. He also stressed on the decision, like Stephy's post on social media, that the couple is splitting in mutual consent and denied the involvement of any third party.

Alex, who released his movie with the ex-beau earlier this year, told the media: "We didn't want malevolent people to think we were using breakup rumors to promote the film. We value our relationship and we wanted to make it work, so that's why we decided to have a cooling off period."

"Occasionally we would meet up with each other. Sometimes we talked until we cried. When we hit our 10-year anniversary, we decided that it was best to break things off. It was a peaceful split. Us splitting had nothing to do with marriage. It took us over a week to make this decision", Alex continued.

The actor, who is currently working on Chinese Fantasy film Jue Ji, added that before coming to the event , he got the text from Tang apologizing for leaving him alone to face the media.

"I'm sorry that you have to face this yourself", Alex was seen quoting the message with teary eyes.