A photograph of an alcoholic drink named after Pakistan's founder and barrister Mohammad Ali Jinnah has gone viral on social media. The alcoholic drink, interestingly, named 'Ginnah' seems to be an amalgamation of 'Jinnah' and 'gin.' Although the authenticity of the photos and the veracity of the source couldn't be confirmed, the unusual name of the drink and its label has taken the social media by storm.

At the same time, many have taken offence given that the label on the bottle gives a detailed explanation behind the name and how Jinnah enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and enjoyed his alcohol and cigars and pork sausages, things that are forbidden in Islam. On the other hand, for many, the label has become a spoof on Pakistan's founder.

A News Kind of Wordplay

Ginnah, named after Pakistan's founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah Twitter

Although the veracity of bottle and the label on it couldn't been confirmed, Twitter users have been randomly sharing the photos. The label on the bottle reads, "In the memory of the man of pleasure, who was Jinnah." The bottle also gives a much detailed explanation behind the name and Jinnah's contribution to the formation of Pakistan as well.

The label suggests that Jinnah enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and activities that are forbidden in Islam such as consuming scotch, whiskey, gin, pork sausages and cigars. Intoxicants and betting are considered 'haram' in Islam. Haram is the Arabic term of "forbidden".

The label takes on a slightly political subtext in detailing Jinnah's political career. It mentions how Pakistan was being formed in 1947 but "decades later, the country was pushed over the cliff by a military dictator" aided by support from the United States and "converted into a troubled place where he and some of the religious clergy pursued their sinister designs."

The mention is in reference to the four-star General Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq who overthrew then-Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977. The label further reads: "MA Jinnah would never approve of that for he much enjoyed pool billiard, cigars, pork sausages as well as fine scotch whiskey and gin."

In a Lighter Vein

Understandably, the name of the alcoholic drink and the message written on the viral liquor bottle photo has been done on a lighter vein. Moreover, no one knows about the authenticity of the name and the brand but many of Jinnah's supporters are protesting against this bottle of liquor.

On the other hand, many have taken it sportingly and are laughing at it. "Needs to be made the national drink #Ginnah," a Pakistani user tweeted, while another wrote: "Damn! We have gin named after our founding father."

Another twitter user by the name Some bits wrote: A bottle of #Ginnah is a must-have in any gin collection! However, it still needs to be seen if such a dry gin will reach the markets in the coming days. So long, netizens will continue to have a nice laugh reading the label on the bottle.