Akash Yaduvanshi – a conditioning fitness influencer

Akash Yaduvanshi

Akash Yaduvanshi aka Akash Yadav, a 22 year - old young man, who influences thousands of people to have a fit and wholesome lifestyle. The fitness freak has been promoting people for fitness for more than a couple of years now. He was born and currently residing in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh.

He always tries to generate a healthy lifestyle amongst the people. Not only has this he also produced his YouTube channel, which has got more than 70 thousand subscribers. They have subscribed to his channel for the daily fitness video. His channel name is Indian strength. Through his videos, he shows how people get transformed from an imperfect healthy lifestyle to an adequate healthy lifestyle.

With the founder of Indian strength, he is also the founder of the Online Fitness trainer and transformation coach where he trains clients online on how to get a better transformation. He drives a 100 days transformational program and assures the transformation. He is having more than 12 thousand active clients.

Winning so much publicity and name at such a young age has not happened overnight. It took years of hard work with lots of determination, steadiness, strictness regarding the diet, and endurance. He is followed by more than 250k followers on Instagram. Influencing people with your fitness style is not simple, and this guy is followed by lakhs of youngsters. Fitness not only makes you healthy but also helps you in becoming a better person with a sense of responsibility. It helps in maintaining the control in your life.

With the freakiness of robustness, he also wanted to become an actor, and soon he will be getting an acting break.

Akash Yaduvanshi is a conditioning coach who focuses on nutrition, mind, and body. He wants others to enjoy a more effective fit lifestyle. He has now reached a place where people around him look up to him to secure allegiance and strong work in their life.