Aisaki Media's Founder Pharith Pat Shares His Story of Success

Pharith Pat

Digital Marketing is the new source of income nowadays, and the value of this stream is well known in this era of digitalization. We all know how much we need the internet in our daily life. As we have shifted to the digital screens from pen and paper, the advertisement has also been shifted. It is just like "wherever you go, we follow you".

Pharith Pat understood the craze of digital marketing at an early age. In general, students prepare for their entrances and mug up their textbooks at the age of 24 years, but Pharith Pat explored various possibilities of income religiously since his teenage years. He is born with a Business mind-set and has proved the previous statement by achieving success within two years of his journey.

The increasing rate of unemployment results in increasing the rate of new business start-ups, and you need to compete with thousands of similar products/brands like yours to come out of the crowd and make your brand or yourself easy recognizable. You need someone with great skills in Digital Marketing and other essentials who will provide you a smooth path towards success.

Aisaki Digital has come up with their mastermind strategies with years of experience in the world of Digital Marketing to help you to make your product/brand, or yourself more visible in front of your expected audience. It helps you to grow through the advertising strategies of professional copywriting, digital Marketing, Content Writing, web designing, web developments, Public relations management, Personal Branding, etc.

Pharith Pat is the founder and CEO of Aisaki Media, and his outstanding Business mindset says much about the prosperous future of Aisaki.

Pharith Pat is a 24 year's old rising entrepreneur of the fastest growing Digital Marketing agency. He belongs to a small town in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and is optimistic about his chosen career. At the age of 24, when a person becomes the founder of two famous fastest-growing agencies, then you must not judge his skills.

Pharith Pat focuses on quality of work and has hired some highly skilled employees so that Aisaki can help its clients in every difficult situation in their path to success. Pharith Pat learns from his mistakes, and never repeats a mistake twice in his life, and this mindset helps him to acquire tremendous experience in his niche.

Pharith Pat is more prone to help others which differentiates him from the rest of the money mongers in society. His motto is to provide quality work to his clients and make them comfortable during the journey. He loves to promote anything in this field of marketing that's why his agencies are the best one-stop solution.

Aisaki Media ensures your success by giving you good quality of work. Not only for the entrepreneurs, but Aisaki also provides the latest news to their audience and visitors apart from Personal Branding and Marketing Management.

According to Pharith Pat, his goal is not to be famous, but he wants to help people to come out of the crowd through his ever-expanding Marketing agencies. He says, "Digital marketing is the new weapon in the advertising platform, and since most of the people have access to the internet, Digital Marketing is the only path to follow."

Pharith Pat believes that "one should not say no to the opportunities. Always have a plan B along with your plan A, and always have faith in yourself."