AirAsia pilot 'escapes' from cockpit as suspected coronavirus patient travelled in flight [VIDEO]

The incident is said to have happened after AirAsia I5-732 landed in New Delhi from Pune.

AirAsia pilot escapes from cockpit exit amid Coronavirus scare
AirAsia pilot escapes from cockpit exit amid Coronavirus scare ANI/Twitter

People all over the world are scared of getting infected with the novel coronavirus that has already claimed the lives of 14,925 globally. Most countries have imposed a mandatory lockdown asking people to stay at home and work from their residences.

However, it doesn't apply to doctors, nurses, health workers, social workers, politicians, people who supply essentials, pilots and flight attendants, among many others, who are working day and night to help people in need. Despite many air service companies shutting their operations amid the coronavirus scare, a few airlines are still functioning to bring back people from the highly affected areas.

Now, a video of a pilot "trying to escape" from the cockpit of an AirAsia flight has surfaced online. In the 32-second clip that is doing the rounds on social media, the pilot is seen coming out of the cockpit's secondary exit instead of using the usual exit door using a secure trestle.

The incident is said to have happened aboard I5-732 on March 20 after the flight landed in India's capital New Delhi from Pune in western India. However, it is understood that all the passengers of the flight have been screened and tested negative.

Watch the viral video here:

It is understood precautionary measures were taken after the passenger seated in the first row of the plane was suspected of COVID-19 infection. As a safety measure, the aircraft was parked at a remote bay. While the suspected passengers were allowed to leave the flight through the front door, other passengers, escorted by the crew, left by the rear door of the aircraft. Later, the flight was fumigated and deep cleaning was carried out.

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