AirAsia dress their stewardesses in 'arousing' uniforms that are 'too sexy'

File photo of AirAsia flight attendants.
File photo of AirAsia flight attendants. Fly Gosh

Two Malaysian lawmakers criticised the uniforms of air stewardesses for AirAsia and Firefly, saying they were 'too revealing' and did not portray Malaysia's Islamic roots.

The comments were made on December 18 in the Dewan Negara, which is the upper house of the Parliament of Malaysia.

Senator Abdullah Mat Yasim of the ruling Umno party, said in Parliament that the fitted attire of AirAsia's and Firefly's female flight attendants can "arouse passengers".

Yasim added that their "eye-catching outfits" could "arouse passengers" and do not reflect the fact that Malaysia's official religion is Islam.

"The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) must really look into this," he said.

Another lawmaker, Senator Megat Zulkarnain Omardin, agreed and suggested that the design of the uniforms should be changed.

"My wife is worried whenever I fly alone on Malindo or AirAsia," the New Straits Times quoted him as saying. "This is a real hassle for me," he added, drawing laughter from other members of parliament.

Yasim, however, supported the flight attendant uniforms of Malindo Air, calling them "acceptable".

He said Malindo flight attendant uniforms are also body hugging but at least the "sensitive areas" are covered.