Air Force Vet Makes $100,000 a Month by Rating D**k Pics and Humiliating Men on OnlyFans

Women across the world feel grossed out when random dudes slide into their DMs sending their 'd**k pics' but model Paige Bauer has taken it in her stride earning big bucks each month by rating d**k images sent by her followers on the x-rated site OnlyFans.

The 30-year-old former Air Force veteran revealed she could barely pay her rent due to financial crunch and decided to launch her own kinky page on OnlyFans in February, 2020.

Luck was on her side as the world went in to a lockdown the very next month and her followers grew leaps and bounds, as they were all bored and stuck and home.

Paige Bauer Humiliates Men on OnlyFans Model
Instagram grab / Paige Bauer

The model's niche is humiliating men based on the size of their p***s and ended up earning $1.3 million in the span of a year.

Her segment, called the 'Small P***s Humiliation' gets the highest premium as men pay $20 each just to share a snap of their p***s and Paige Bauer rates them out of 10, mostly humiliating them on their size and the segment is a huge hit under her portfolio.

In the beginning, Bauer revealed she had doubts if the segment would work and decided to call it off as not everyone likes to be humiliated on the size of their manhood. However, she stated that she was taken by surprise at the amount of men knocking at her page wanting to be humiliated and continued with the kinky fetish that earns her $100,000 a month.

''At first I had a hard time believing there was money to be made insulting people but it is a surprisingly niche fetish,'' she said to the DailyStar.

Bauer confessed that she see's more than 200 pictures of penises per day and stated that though it sounds like an easy job, she spends close to 16 hours a day commenting, chatting and humiliating men who pay the premium. The model wakes up at 7 in the morning and completes her work at 11 in the night before getting a good nights sleep for the next day's work.

When asked if she doesn't feel embarrassed by her job, Bauer commented that she loves what she's doing and revealed there is untapped potential in this kinky fetish and one can earn millions, as not many women are giving this service. ''I love my job. There is such a stigma out there about this industry but there's so much potential,'' she summed it up to the DailyStar.