Air-borne traveller captures cigarette shaped fire in the night sky

Line of Fire
YouTube screengrab

A mobile phone footage apparently shot by a plane passenger during a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles has now gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows a bizarre cigarette-shaped line of fire in the night sky when the plane reached somewhere above Texas.

The eerie video was later uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel Secureteam10. The narrator of this video reveals that the passenger woke up at midnight during a raging thunderstorm, and noticed the strange line of fire hovering nearby. The strange streak of light appears to shadow the plane as it moves through the skies.

After seeing the video, Tyler Glockner, the owner of Secureteam10 said that this is one of the most compelling pieces of footage from an aircraft he had ever seen.

As the video went viral, most of the viewers of Secureteam10 began to remark that this could be a UFO or an alien aircraft. Some conspiracy theorists claimed that aliens are shadowing us all the time, and they are monitoring our activities.

Is it trick of the light?

However, many people were not convinced about the alien UFO theory. According to UFO debunkers, the strange line of fire which the passenger shot on his mobile might be the lights of the wings of the aircraft. Some other skeptics argue that this light might be the reflection of sun's rays through a break in the clouds.

"I must say the light out the window on the plane although cool looking appears to be nothing more than a break in the clouds letting the orange setting sunlight shine through the stormy sky," commented Tom Hilton, a YouTube user.

The new sighting surfaced online just a week after two pilots of two different American jet passenger planes reported sightings of strange UFOs in the sky.