AIQI Technology Bags Several Honors at The 2022 MUSE Design Award

AIQI Technology
The Water Pipe Circuit

We have seen the sudden emergence of artificial intelligence in the zeitgeist in the past few years. The unprecedented successes of deep learning, machine learning, and connected devices have led to the widespread perception that Artificial Intelligence is now poised to enter our everyday lives. With advanced research contributing to these fast-paced AI developments and the rapidly evolving technology landscape, it is perhaps no surprise that AI has become a hot topic.

AIQI technology Co. Ltd is an internet technology company founded by a group of energetic, curious, and creative young people passionate about AI. In the recent three years, the company has acquired a significant number of AI patents in intelligent equipment. The team members have extensive experience in R&D and marketing.

Having built cooperations with many well-known companies, AIQI has always been dedicated to promoting artificial intelligence technology and opening up possibilities for the public. The company is committed to building an open, innovative, collaborative, and inclusive AI ecosystem. Both partners and users are given equal opportunities for the product design experience and value sharing. They have dedicated their mission to the advancement of robotic technologies and to raising the bar in AI development.

AIQI technology was recognized at the 2022 MUSE Design Awards. The Water Pipe Circuit, Zhu Rong Mars Rover, Hall of Prayer, and Tenon-Made Building Blocks of Temple of Heaven designed by Aiqi Technology emerged as the three exceptional creative pieces. According to Zhang Yang, CEO and chief designer of Beijing Aiqi Technology Co., The Water Pipe Circuit had previously won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award and Milan A'Design Award & Competition with its high-value module design and soft color matching.

The MUSE Design Awards competition is an international award to recognize and reward the best recent designs. By being selected as a winner, AIQI was able to receive tremendous recognition for the excellence of its Water Pipe Circuit. This influential competition is sponsored by the International Association of Design Awards (IAA).

AIQI technology takes pride in its core values. Combining innovative technologies with the idea of creating a robot to aid humanity, Aiqi combines its passion for technology and community awareness.

The company hopes to use AIQI products to help make life easier for everyone. The team is proud of having developed several innovative products used around the globe and believes that developing more friendly AI products is the key to humanity's future.