AI Leader [24] Recognized for Groundbreaking Virtual Assistant Technology


Analyst firm Ovum has recognized [24] as a leader in its "Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solution, 2020–21" report. The report evaluated [24]'s AIVA conversational AI platform against 10 other providers and determined it to be one of the leading solutions in the industry.

Ovum highlighted several key strengths of the [24]7 AIVA platform that led to its high ranking. The platform enables unified voice and digital solutions, seamless bot-to-agent collaboration, deep intent prediction, and features verticalized solutions tailored to specific industries. As businesses look to automation to simultaneously improve customer experiences and reduce costs, these cutting-edge capabilities position [24] as a premier choice.

Many early virtual assistant technologies suffered from significant limitations - they lacked true intelligence, could only handle simplistic single-intent interactions, and were incapable of conducting contextual, multi-turn dialogues that actually understood the customer's intent. [24]7 AIVA represents the next generation of conversational AI, engaging with customers as naturally and effectively as a company's top human agents.

"[24] provides the technology and know-how to run agent operations for synchronous and asynchronous digital channels, from agent recruiting to development to performance management," stated the Ovum report. "The company has been running since 2000 and has developed expertise in virtual assistants by building AI models trained on large datasets of human agent conversations. It has an understanding of communications between consumers and businesses, and its customer journey analytics provides insights into intents and journeys."

A key aspect of [24]7 AIVA is its ability to seamlessly blend AI automation with human insight to optimize the customer experience across channels. Bots can automatically transfer complex issues to human agents, who can then hand control back to the bot once the core problem is resolved. By tracking conversational flow, detecting multiple intents, and preserving context across channels, AIVA achieves customer satisfaction scores rivaling top human agents.

"With the accelerated adoption of messaging, conversations are taking place in text as well as over the phone, so it is essential to provide natural, human-like conversational abilities no matter how a consumer chooses to engage with a brand," said Lisa Matherly, VP of Marketing at [24] "Ovum is a highly respected firm that recognizes the importance a single platform for connecting voice and digital channels, with a blending of AI and human insights to deliver a superior customer experience."

Behind the advanced technology of [24]7 AIVA is a dedicated and talented team. One key contributor is Nitish Mehrotra, a software engineer who played an integral role in developing the platform's Conversations products intuitive user interface. Mehrotra's work focused on crafting an effortless user experience for both customer service agents managing conversations and the end customers engaging with the virtual assistant.

By designing thoughtful workflows, clear visualizations, and seamless bot-to-human handoffs, Mehrotra helped ensure [24]7 AIVA would be a delight for the conversation designer to build bots for. His impactful contributions to the UI reflect [24]'s dedication to marrying powerful underlying AI with interfaces that make the technology accessible and usable for all.

As virtual assistants become an increasingly pivotal part of how businesses interact with their customers, offerings like [24]7 AIVA that provide true conversational AI across voice and digital channels are well-positioned to lead the charge. With recognition from respected firms like Ovum and a skilled team driving continuous innovation, [24] seems poised to remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving conversational AI space.