Agri Expert Mr Kamal Joshi tells you how to make 3 crores a year using Vertical Turmeric Farming, an Israeli Technique

Kamal Joshi

The process of Industrialization has led to reduction of cultivable lands losing even fertile lands to the growth of factories and companies. While industrialization is important, it's also important that we pay attention to our agricultural production to feed our huge nation quality food and keep the interest of farmers in Farming intact. The chemical pollutants, the fertilizers, and the hybrid seeds all advances towards a reduced soil quality and decline of cultivable lands.

To more than 65% of the population, agriculture is still an option due to lucrative returns and commendable profit if done wisely. Renowned Agri Expert Mr. Kamal Joshi helps overcome these problems and earns 3 crores per acre. Let's see how!

Vertical Farming, an Israeli Technique helps Turmeric farmers to grow 100 times more crops even on a barren land. Vertical Farming is a way of growing crops in vertically stacked layers. This cultivation can be done in different ways such as hydroponic or aquaponic vertical farming in which no soil is used.

There are also some ways in which clay is used. At some distance in this container 2-3 feet deep, 2 feet wide GI pipes are set. The structure of vertical farming made of GI pipe does not deteriorate for 24 years. Yes, for this you have to be financially viable once and for all but then it will give you a lot of income for 24 long years.

You can then sow the seeds in two rows in a container filled with soil. Now let's talk about the temperature, the temperature should be kept between 12 to 26 degrees. To control the temperature, foggers can be installed. As soon as the temperature rises the water starts raining and the temperature becomes normal.

How much yield and how much profit?

In the above mentioned setup, about 6.33 lacs seeds can be sown in 1 acre. Even with a conservative estimate of 6 lakh plants (let's say 33.000 couldn't survive due to some reason), this technique can produce an average of 1.67 kg per plant, which means the yield per acre will be about 1 million kg (about 1100 tons).

However, there is a one-time expenditure on infrastructure of around 3-4 crores which is recovered in mere 2 to 3 years. Vertical farming is profitable As this cultivation takes place in a completely enclosed space, so there is no possibly of damage by insects or damage by rain or storm. This type of farming method of irrigation saves a lot of water. More crops can be obtained on less land.

Agriculture Expert Mr. Kamal Joshi have started using this Israeli technique to give more and more support to the farmers and to let them know about new technologies. He is guiding them to use new technologies to earn profit with barren lands also.

Many corporate companies have started investing in these technique and farmers who have more lands have started applying this technique to their farms.

If you are facing problem of barren lands or want to earn more profit start applying this technique to your farms and if you face any problem or want guidance for the same or want to get more knowledge regarding it you can contact Mr. Joshi. He has an experience of delivering more than 200 projects fetching them subsidies and making them profits. You can follow Kamal on