AgneSvitinskaite : Revolutionizing UK's Cosmetic Industry, One Academy At A Time


Before Agne, the permanent make-up scene was scarce, few and far in between, not much competition, and its popularity wasn't initially widespread. AgneSvitinskaite, the CEO of Agnes Permanent® brand and academy, wanted to change that. Quickly climbing the ladder of success and becoming the top contender in a very competitive and ever-growing cosmetic industry niche.

Beyond Persistence & Turning Hard-Work Into Profit

When it comes to trust and respect, it's everything to Agne. In the very beginning when clients were few and far in-between, she always made sure she provided an insane amount of value to everyone she came in contact with and the students she worked with regularly. Exceeding expectations always led to a positive result for Agne. Once she had many years of success, she found it was time to launch her first academy in London called Agnes Permanent. The academy opening was the first step in her journey that changed everything for her. It gave her a place to work with clientele in the application of her products as well as being able to start offering permanent makeup training to both beginners and advanced artists worldwide.

Agnes is well known for her adept skill and expertise in terms of innovation with her world-famous '3D' Lips and 'Frozen Lips' makeup line. This was one of her many notable accomplishments along the way. As her business scaled quickly, before she knew it, countless permanent makeup artists were waiting to learn and work for Agnes Permanent. With many years of proven work and a lengthy portfolio of clients, Agne loves teaching permanent makeup around the world and has even certified some of the 'Grand Masters' of the permanent makeup industry. Agnes Permanent boasts a clientele list of countless well-known London influencers and Lithuanian celebrities.

Agne Leads The Way With Permanent Make-Up Solutions

Later on in the game, the competition became relentless and frequent, popping up overnight it seemed. Regardless, Agne knew that the best way to make things happen is to ignore the crowd and always keep working towards your goals, don't let anyone distract you. She worked on improving her craft which leads her to go so much further than she did previously when she spent obsessed over her competitors, she stated. "At the end of the day, clients only care about what you can DO for THEM. In a world with so much noise, there is little time to listen to what everyone is doing." Agne believes that a lot of her success happened by eliminating distractions and focusing on the task at hand, as well as always expanding her team bringing on exceptionally talented artists. "After creating my team, I quickly realized that I've achieved a lot and I can easily work amongst some of the most talented and sought-after permanent makeup specialists," Agne said.

What Was The Key To Making Agnes Permanent A Household Name?

By far, never settling for less, and always looking for new ways to improve is how Agne built her business to this level of the permanent makeup industry today. She says that "Passion can give you a sort of boost in achieving your dreams. Give the task at hand all you got and make sure that it is done right. Working on something with full passion will give you the satisfaction of getting results from your hard work," said Agne. By staying true to her heart and following her passion, Agnes Permanent became a worldwide recognized brand that countless individuals like herself seek to become someday!

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