Agents arrest American paedophile suspect at Philippine airport

Bureau of Immigration (BI) agents are now preparing the documents for the formal filing of criminal complaint against an American pedophile suspect who was arrested at Manila airport upon his arrival from Vietnam.

Manila Airport
Manila Airport Reuters

The agents of Bureau of Immigration (BI) are now preparing the documents for the formal filing of a criminal complaint against an American paedophile suspect, who was arrested at Manila airport last week when the suspect arrived from Vietnam.

BI agents identified the suspect as Robin Hoy Alderman, a 58-year-old American national, who took the Philippine Airlines flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Manila.

The arrest came after the US embassy officials in Manila alerted airport authorities that the suspect was on board the flight and was scheduled to meet his prospective victims, mostly minors, in Manila.

BI Chief Jaime Morente told journalists that Alderman had arranged a meeting with his prospective victims where he met them online.

Based on the information Morente had, Alderman was expected to have sexual intercourse with the victim as reflected in the exchanges of emails between Alderman and the pimp of prospective minor victims.

The Women and Children Protection of the Philippine Police coordinated with the Bureau of Immigration agents to lead the operation against Alderman.

However, Alderman will also be facing deportation proceedings as he is also considered an undesirable alien.

A number of paedophile suspects have been arrested by the Philippine agents when the country's President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the presidency last year. Most victims of Western paedophiles are mostly minors and are often children of unemployed mothers residing in slums.

The Philippine government has collaborated with different civil society outfits and NGOs to develop counter-measures to prevent foreign paedophiles from victimising Filipino minors.