Agent Smith malware targets android apps; remove these 16 apps immediately

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Malware attack Reuters

If you are an Android user then you should know that it is vulnerable to malware attacks, which can cause serious data theft. Recently a new malware called 'Agent Smith' is targeting android phones to bombard with advertisements.

As per the reports, this Agent Smith, which was first detected by IT security company Check Point, is also capable of targeting installed applications on android phones to ensure that the malware infection stays the same. After the detection of the malware and the malicious functions, several infected apps have been removed from the Google Play Store.

When Google was alerted to this malware attack, first they identified and then decided to remove 16 apps from the Play Store that were affected by Agent Smith malware. Most of these deleted apps are no longer available for download from the Play Store and there will be no updates available for them also.

The malware, Agent Smith is also capable enough to cling on to other apps and also can make it difficult for the users to identify which app has been infected.

However, it should be noted that Google has decided to remove these 16 apps from the Play Store but it can't uninstall these apps from an individual's Android phone. So in that case, those users, who have downloaded following apps earlier, are advised to delete them immediately for data safety reasons.

This article was first published on July 13, 2019