Pledis Entertainment has come to the rescue of their agency's idol to protect her from Japanese netizen''s hate comment. The company released an official statement in reference to After school Lizzy's debatable pictures upload on Instagram.

The 23-year-old recently posted some photos from her visit to Dokdo Island, which is currently in territorial disputes between Korea and Japan. The singer reportedly uploaded a picture of her with the Korean flag and an untasteful caption which triggered resentment among Japanese surfers. She apparently thanked the guarding force and wrote, " Dokdo is our land".

Many of the Japanese netizens criticized the young singer and posted hateful comments on her social media. One of her fan wrote, "Do you not have any consideration for Japanese fans? You are not just anyone but a singer promoting in Japan. You should've thought twice about uploading these".

Furthermore, Allkpop quoted another, "It's okay to say you've visited Dokdo, but to continously show the Korean flag like that is offensive to Japanese fans. You are stupid".

Citing the backlash from the land of rising sun, Lizzy's agency issued a statement stating the they do not play any part in the singer's beliefs.

"SNS is personal space; therefore, it is not something that we are involved in. We believe she made the uploads based on her personal thoughts and beliefs," Pledis Entertainment said.