After the marijuana scandal of Bigbang's T.O.P. now more celebrities have been accused of the drug use.

Fans would be aware that after the all the other controversies surrounding T.O.P, he fell sick and was being hospitalized after being found between a state of deep sleep and semi-consciousness on June 6 due to some medical drug overdose.

Well, now that he is recovering other stars including senior actor Ki Joo Bong, stage actor Jung Jae Jin have been accused of smoking marijuana on June 12.

In fact, Ki Ju Bong has been accused of the same charge as T.O.P and has been issued a preliminary arrest warrant, whereas, Jung Jae Jin has been arrested.

On the other hand, T.O.P has been prosecuted without detention. Observing the discrepancy regarding the punishments given to the celebrities, netizens are questioning the fairness of the verdict, Koreaboo reported.

The website further mentions that netizens criticized saying, "How unfair, the young ones don't even get arrested."

Whereas, some other netizen commented, "The same charges as T.O.P during a similar time. Will the law be just?"

In other news, YG Entertainment informed about T.O.P's current health status who checked out from the Intensive Care Unit of Ewha Woman's University Mokdong Hospital to an undisclosed hospital.

The official statement read, "T.O.P's treatment is going very well and according to hospital staff, he will need approximately 2 more weeks of medical care."