After Shooting For Harper's Bazaar, Top Model Jessica Knura Caught Revealing The Secret For Her Fuller Lips

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Jessica Knura

A person can't be flawless in all the spheres of life, but their outfits and lifestyle can be. In a world full of people who love to follow trendy lifestyles and clothing, Model Jessica Knura is someone who paves her way and makes her fashion statement. A top model for GUESS, she is not only a beauty to behold but a diva of the fashion world as well. She has shot for covers of premium magazines like ELLE and Harper's Bazaar.

For Jessica Knura, the meaning of slaying her pictures and performances is making that perfect pout. The one that enhances the volume of a person's lips along with giving them the confidence of walking around like a queen.

According to her, there is nothing wrong with an individual modifying their appearance by adding a little definition to their features. Blessed with TDF lips herself, she is someone who is naturally very pretty; still, she sometimes uses a few hacks to make her lips look fuller just to get that perfect pout that she desires.

With the thought of helping people to achieve that perfect look that they desire, Model Jessica Knura shares a few tips for enhancing the volume of lips. Not only are her methods pain-free but also very easy to follow. Any individual with even little to no knowledge of makeup can grasp the technique and apply it to themselves.

The first step towards achieving the desired lips is, using a lip balm. Even a simple lip balm can work a great deal and keep a person's lips moisturized. What is even more important is keeping one's lips hydrated. Jessica Knura feels that ample hydration of lips leads to making them look fuller and having more volume.

After following this routine of providing enough moisturizing to the lips, a person can go for a product called lip liner. For her, it is that one magical product that can easily bless a person with the look that they want. The simple process of outlining the lips with the nude shade of a lip liner, starting from one corner and tracing the edges of the lips can work wonders. The only way to perfect this method is to make continuous feather strokes and creating a soft definition instead of making a bold solid line in one stroke. While following this step, Cupid's bow is that one area that requires special attention. Another upside of this process is that it doesn't even necessarily require lipstick to complete the look. Just the nude lip liner will do the job perfectly fine.

A slayer of the fashion industry, Jessica Knura is a fierce lady when it comes to walking on that ramp and making gorgeous appearances with trendy and extravagant looks. Always a hard-working model who never takes her work lightly, she has been making statements in the modeling world. With all the attention that she gained after her appearance on the runway for GUESS, Model Jessica Knura is now ready to take up the industry by storm.