After School's Nana talks about bisexual role in The Good Wife

Nana reprises the role of Kim Dan, an investigator at a law firm in The Good Wife.

South Korean singer/actress Nana made her highly anticipated acting debut on tVN's new drama, The Good Wife. The After School member, whose real name is Im Jin-ah, reprises the role of Kim Dan, an investigator at a law firm.

During a press conference in Standford Hotel in Seoul, she said: "This is the first time I'm receiving such good comments and reactions in my career, so I'm honestly astonished."

"On the one hand I think I should be more modest, but on the other, I think I should be a bit more confident. I must work hard until the end," she added.

Nana further explained: "More than the staff's creation of a cool original character, it's thanks to their creation of a character who brings out the outspokenness in me. I still received a lot of help about the details, like making eye contact."

The drama is a remake of the popular American TV series of the same title. In the show, she is seen alongside actors Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae. She said: "I knew from the beginning that my character is bisexual, and that didn't burden me at all. I actually thought it would be more refreshing since there has been no such role in Korean dramas before."