After Pentagon's admission, US Navy pilots reveal strange UFO sightings


A new report has revealed that US Navy pilots used to witness UFO sightings regularly. As per the witness testimonials, these unidentified flying objects have no visible engines, and they used to fly at hypersonic speeds at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

The report states that UFO sightings occurred almost every day from the summer of 2014 to March 2015.

Lieutenant Ryan Graves who served the US Navy for ten years had apparently reported these mysterious sightings to the Congress and Pentagon.

"These things would be out there all day. Keeping an aircraft in the air requires a significant amount of energy. With the speeds, we observed, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours longer than we'd expect," said Graves.

It was in late 2017 that the New York Times and Politico published a news report about AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), an investigative mission carried out by the Pentagon to learn more about UFO sightings. As the news report went viral, Pentagon admitted that they were keen to know more about these sightings, and made it clear that the project was wrapped up in 2012.

However, with this new report, things have taken an unexpected turn, and it has become pretty clear that government authorities are well aware of these unidentified flying object sightings.

Joseph Gradisher, a Navy spokesman told New York Times that they do not have sufficient data to track the origin of these mysterious flying ships.

"There were a number of different reports. We don't know who's doing this, we don't have enough data to track this. So the intent of the message to the fleet is to provide updated guidance on reporting procedures for suspected intrusions into our airspace," said Gradisher.

As the news went viral online, several conspiracy theorists have started claiming that these sightings could be authentic proof of alien life. These conspiracy theorists believe that aliens used to visit the earth to monitor our activities, and space agencies like NASA are well aware of its existence.

However, Leon Golub, a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics revealed that possibilities of extraterrestrial origin of these objects are very unlikely. As per Golub, there are various other factors like atmospheric effects and reflections, neurological overload from multiple inputs during high-speed flight behind these sightings.

A few days back, a Turkish pilot had reported seeing a speeding UFO during a domestic flight from Istanbul to Cologne. The pilot, Atilla Senturk revealed that the UFO was moving in an incredible speed across the skies, and it was apparently performing weird manoeuvres during its course.