After Lights out mode, Twitter brings the Oled-Friendly Dark Mode in the Alpha Version for Android users

In 2016, Twitter had launched the dark mode for both Android and iOS. Later, on 29th March 2019, it launched an OLED-friendly dark mode called Lights-out. Now Twitter rolls-out OLED-friendly dark mode in the Alpha version for all the Android users.

These days, we have been seeing the dark mode trend being implemented by almost all social media apps like Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp, and a few other social apps.

The recent new OLED-friendly dark mode is distinct from the Lights out mode, where instead of regular white theme or maybe blue, it turns into pitch black mode.

The dark mode is available in the alpha 8.19.0-alpha.03 version. Alpha users, who want to enable this feature on their Android device, go to Settings and Privacy - Display and sound - Dark mode appearance. Now the tweets look so gratifying as if the spectrum of colors disseminating all over the screen.

This mode allows you to keep your device from draining power, which is a very useful feature, especially when you are traveling somewhere far. This feature will also improve the life of your device.

Lady Gaga
Dark Mode post Lady Gaga/ Twitter

However, the captivating thing about the new theme is - it automatically switches from light mode to dark as per the time zones, which provides a user-friendly experience to all the Tweeters.

Through this mode, it lessens the pain to your eyes and makes you feel less stressful, compared to the white and blue background.

Soon we'll be seeing the dark mode for all other social media apps, which is a good indication to those users who are using their device for prolonged hours.