After 'Just Disappear' Claim, Trump Reiterates 'Go Away' Rhetoric on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is ravaging the United States, and on Tuesday alone, the country recorded more than 1,350 deaths

Trump wears mask
President Donald Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public even as the coronavirus pandemic spread, donned one on Saturday at a military medical facility outside Washington where he was to meet with wounded soldiers and frontline health-care workers Twitter/SABC News

It was around a few months back that United States President Donald Trump claimed coronavirus will 'just disappear'. The comments from the president did not go down well with medical experts, and it made Anthony Fauci stress that the virus will not just disappear. Now, Trump has made a similar statement, and he has claimed that ''coronavirus will go away like things go away''. '

Donald Trump Continues Delivering Baseless Statements

The remark from Trump comes at a time when the United States is witnessing a drastic surge in coronavirus positive cases and deaths. On Tuesday alone, the country recorded more than 1,350 deaths, and the total number of coronavirus positive cases has been crossing 60,000 over the past few weeks.

Apart from claiming coronavirus will just go away, Trump also made it clear that the US is currently in a very good economic shape. The president once again blamed China, and alleged that the Asian powerhouse has sent the pandemic to the United States.

Donald Trump also talked about the vitality of reopening schools soon. The President revealed that children are immune to coronavirus, and he made it clear that old teachers will be granted leave until the country contains the pandemic.

In the meantime, teachers in the United States have started protests over Donald Trump's decision to reopen schools. According to protesters, classes should be held until scientific data supports the move.

Is Coronavirus a Perfect Storm?

A few days back, Anthony Fauci had claimed that the virus has the capability to resurge, and he made it clear that the pandemic outbreak can be called a perfect storm.

"We are living, right now, through a historic pandemic outbreak. And, we are, right now, in a situation where we do not see any particular end in sight. It's the perfect storm. We often talk about outbreaks and pandemics, be they influenza or other pathogens, that have to have a few characteristics that make them particularly formidable. Well, this particular virus has that," said Fauci, during his recent speech hosted by TB Alliance.

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