Lee Tae Gon
Lee Tae Gon (Twitter)

Popular actor Lee Tae Gon was taken to the hospital after being beaten by two men at a local club. The actor was badly injured in the scuffle, reports say. On January 7, actor Lee Tae Gon got involved in a fight at a local club and later he was taken into police custody. Not only the actor, the other two males involved in the fight was also taken into custody.

According to a Korean media report, the fight broke out after the two men went to meet the actor Lee Tae Gon. They wanted to shake hands with him but were reportedly rebuffed.

After questioning Lee Tae Gon for almost an hour until 2 in the morning, he was left and he headed to the Bundang Seoul University Hospital for treating his injuries. And, the other two involved in the fight were also released and they went back home.

According to the reports, the police officer who investigated the case and conducted the questioning revealed: "The two men claimed to have been assaulted by Lee Tae Gon but a witness stated that Lee Tae Gon took a beating from the two men without retaliation. We will be looking at CCTV footage to discern what really happened."

Later, Choice Good Entertainment, the actor Lee Tae Gon's agency stated: "Lee Tae Gon is a victim of assault who suffered from a one-sided act of violence. He was summoned to the police station as a victim and he was treated at the hospital after receiving injuries to his face."

It was also reported that the actor was kicked and punched badly because of which his face and nose broke.

The actor Lee Tae Gon, who debuted in 2005 is hugely popular for his role in Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror and also for his role in Golden Fish.