After Exposing Nth Room Accused, S. Korea Police Reveal Identity of Serial Killer Choi Shin Jong

South Korean police reveal the identity of Choi Shing Jong, the serial killer who raped and strangled two women.

Choi Shin Jong
Choi Shin Jong confessed to have brutally killed two women in North Jeolla. SBS videograb

It is not common in South Korea to release any information including the identity of the accused until they are proved guilty. But now the Korean police have revealed the identity of a serial killer, who had created an atmosphere of fear among people. This comes after the identities of a series of wrongdoers were revealed in the Nth Room sex scandal case.

The man in question is identified as Choi Shin Jong. The 31-year-old man is accused of killing two women brutally. He is known to be a former wrestler, and he lived with his wife and a child. One of the suspects is said to be his wife's acquaintance.

Two women who became victims of Choi Shin Jong were from Jeonju and Busan and his identity was revealed by the North Jeolla Provincial Police Agency on May 21. The police said that Choi Shin Jong confessed to have killed two women on April 14 and April 18.

Choi Shin Jong Confesses to Crime

The first victim is a 34-year-old woman from Jeonju and was an acquaintance of his wife. A missing case in her name was filed on April 14. Her body was found near a river in North Jeolla after nine days. Police said that she was raped and strangled before she breathed her last. After raping and strangling her, Choi Shin Jong made away with her jewellery and took it as a gift to his wife. In addition, he had withdrawn 480,000 Won ($385 USD) from the victim's bank account.

The second victim is a 29-year-old woman from Busan. She was also killed in Jeonju, when she came to visit the place. She was raped and strangulated near an orchard in North Jeonju.

When the police questioned Choi Shin Jong about his motive for killing them, he said that they made him feel bad. On further questioning, he revealed scarier details and it was revealed that CHoi Shin Jong has been linked to many more women-missing cases.

Approached Victims Through Chat Application

It is still a speculation, but police think that Choi Shin Jong approached his victims through chat application and when they became familiar with him, he raped and killed them. Probe is on to find if the accused is involved in missing cases of other women too.

Earlier, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had revealed the identity of Baksa (Cho Joo Bin), one of the main culprits in the Nth Room Sex scandal, before he was proved guilty. This was done because of the seriousness of the crime he was accused of.

This article was first published on May 23, 2020