After Covid-19 Vaccination, Is There No Need for Mask and Social Distancing?

Experts have explained why people should continue to follow safety measures even after taking a Coronavirus vaccine shot

Experts have been asking people to wear masks since the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now when some of the COVID-19 vaccines are ready to be rolled out, many people would think that wearing masks and gloves, washing hands, as well as keeping social distancing will not be necessary. But as per the experts, it would be a mistake to lower the guards.

One of those experts, Chief Physician at Moscow Hospital No 2 Natalia Shindryaeva told Sputnik News Agency that people who receive COVID-19 vaccine shots should continue to wear masks, gloves and maintain social distancing to protect themselves. There are other experts who have been advising people to follow all the protective measures, even after receiving a vaccine shot.

As per another healthcare professional, Dr. Mark Kortepeter, a physician and a biodefense expert who has experience in combating multiple epidemics, said that wearing masks will continue to be an important infection prevention tool long after the first safe and effective Coronavirus vaccine.

Russia Coronavirus Vaccine
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Precaution Is Important

Recently Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the government to launch a mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign next week. On Friday, December 4 Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow announced that a vaccination station would open in the city on Saturday.

Healthcare professionals, social service workers, and teachers will be the first in the country to get the Sputnik V vaccine. Despite the concerns among the international researchers about the efficacy of the vaccine, 70 vaccination stations opened in the hospitals of the Russian capital.

However, the Russian healthcare expert Shindryaeva said that people were warned that "nobody has canceled masks" and "on the contrary, it is necessary to protect yourself — masks, gloves and social distance in public places either after the first shot, or the second shot."

As per the recent reports, in India, Haryana health minister Anil Vij on Saturday tested positive for Coronavirus after he participated in the third phase trial of Bharat Biotech's Covaxin. According to the biotechnology company, the clinical trials of the vaccine are based on a two-dose schedule, given 28 days apart, and added that the vaccine efficacy "will be determined 14 days post the second dose."

The minister in question here has taken only one dose of the vaccine. However, it is not clear whether after taking the first shot he was following the protective measures or not. On Twitter, he urged people "who have come in close contact with me are advised to get themselves tested for corona."

Why the Safety Measures?

Face Masks
Wearing mask and practicing social distancing needs to be continued even after people started getting Coronavirus vaccine Pixabay

According to Dr. Kortepeter, after a vaccine candidate receives approval from respective authorities, it will be impossible to vaccine everyone at the same time. People who are vulnerable will get the vaccine first, as there will be a priority list.

Some vaccines would require one or more shots to provide maximum protection against the virus—it means you may need another shot after a certain period of time. There will be less chance to know who is completely protected and who can still become a virus spreader.

Re-infection is another reason to take necessary protection. In the US many people reported that they got infected by the virus for the second time. Even some reports from other countries also demonstrated reinfection cases. So, people need to wear masks and practice social distancing to make sure that they are safe from the Coronavirus infection.

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