After 2 repos shut down, is jailbreak going downwards now?

TheBigBoss maintainer 0ptimo tells jailbreak tweak developers and makers to start searching for a new profession.

Following the shutdown of two jailbreak tweak repositories within the month, this raises questions whether or not the community will see this controversial industry dying anytime soon. In the most relevant development recently, TheBigBoss repository maintainer is now encouraging developers in the scene to consider looking for another job.

TheBigBoss repository maintainer 0ptimo on Saturday, November 25 took Reddit to break down what happened to the fateful discontinuation of two repositories in the same month. In his post, he also went down to explain how he sees the jailbreak landscape at the moment and where it is headed.

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As to the burning question, if the iOS jailbreak is dying soon, 0ptimo was straightforward to say that there have been "signs that [jailbreak is] pointing downwards." He admitted that he has been advising developer and makers to reconsider things moving forward.

"Frankly, I see the signs pointing downwards," says 0ptimo on Reddit, "and to be honest I've been advising developers and makers to seriously think about taking their skills and making them portable, possibly leading into the next big hobby or line of profession."

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He admitted the challenges that providers have been struggling with in the past few months. Despite that, 0ptimo has been optimistic that everything in the jailbreak community would regain its glory days, believing that there is a rainbow always after the rain.

"There are really some uncertain times. The promise of a next season seems far away, but there's always some inkling of hope."

Meantime, he encourages the community to keep their hopes up as everything is still the same.

"It's not as bad as all that, so let's not panic just yet. Repos have been archived and all still going just as before, in a lot of respects."