African influencer Laetitia Ky uses hair to create awareness on breast cancer, period shaming

A 23-year-old Ivory coast native won herself a two-year modelling contract with 'Elite' which is the most prestigious modelling agency in the world

Ky for breast cancer awareness Laetitia Ky/ Instagram

Laetitia Ky, who is an influencer on Instagram, has bagged a two-year contract with one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in the world. The hair influencer recently received an offer to work with Elite's newly created EWG-Culture division for two years. The agency is offering the talented model a contract worth 50,000 euros.

Famous on social media platforms

Not just this, Laetitia won the Elite Model World Digital Creator Contest. The 23-year-old has created many unique hairstyles through which she conveys socially conscious messages. The model posts these on Instagram and TikTok and has garnered a lot of fame and attention.

A unique way of spreading awareness on social issues

The Ivory Coast native, through her posts, has made some statements that are visually stunning and these are winning her praises. While talking about her journey to Us Stylish, the 23-year-old says, "Wow, I'm on a cloud. Right now I don't know if I can tell you how it feels. Oh my God. It's like there are fireworks inside of me! I'm grateful, I'm happy!"

Ky has mainly used her vocals and hair to make strong statements about issues women in the world face. The various themes she's worked on include creating awareness for breast cancer, menstruation (period shaming in particular) and educating the masses about reproduction.

Ky's favorite designs

The designs she created to invoke awareness about domestic violence and sexual harassment are her favourite. "Maybe it wasn't the most beautiful visually, but this was the most important for me," Ky explains.

As per an article on Us Weekly, the talented artist explained why she uses her hair to convey these messages. "In Africa, hair is a really strong way to show your special side. African women, our ladies, are very playful with their hair," she says. Ky continues, "So as an African woman, it is important for me to use this to create something that can wow people."