African-American Star Ashley Jones Says She Didn't Experience Racism Because She was Wealthy

Reality television star Ashley Jones struck a nerve during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 as she opened up about experiencing racism in an intense conversation with her 'baby daddy' Bar Smith, and her mother.

It all started when the reality star revealed how she gets ''nasty DMs'' on her Instagram handle that were racist not only towards her, but also on her 3-year-old daughter Holly.

Teen Mom 2 Ashley Jones Racism
Instagram grab / Ashley Jones

Ashley is heard saying ''how anybody can be racist towards a child'' and Bar quipped that people say unsavory things due to something else going on in their lives and vent out their frustrations on others with or without their knowledge and Ashley was seen having a hard time on how people could be so cruel towards a child.

Minutes later, Ashley's mother and step-father are seen stepping in to the house and she reveals to them about the DMs that spew venom against her family. That is when Ashley says she never saw racism during her growing up years because of her ''wealth,'' and her mother says how she took an important decision by putting her in a school with predominantly white students so she could get better education and opportunities in life.

The episode didn't go down well with a lot of people who took to Twitter bashing Ashley and her mother for being insensitive to blacks and declaring racism does not exist among the elites.

A fan of the show Teen Mom 2 tweeted, ''Having money doesn't stop people from being racist towards you. Racism happens regardless of you being rich or middle class or poor. #TeenMom2,'' while another commented, ''Ashley girl having money don't remove you from experiencing racism. #TeenMom2.''

Another user called Ashley ''stupid'' for her statements and said, ''Wow Ashley sounds stupid as hell talking about she was wealthy so she didn't see racism. No you were oblivious #teenmom2.''

Fans of the show also took potshots at Ashley's mother for saying how a black person needs to be around white people in terms of education to lead a better life and called her comments unnecessary and hurtful to the black community that hints black people can't do anything on their own without the support of whites.

''Ashley's mom admitting they put her in an all white school because they thought it would give her more opportunities in life is sad. #TeenMom2,'' tweeted a fan.