AfreecaTV rookie streamer permanently banned for sexual content on her first live stream

Afreeca TV rookie streamer who went by the username blckswanette was permanently banned from the channel for displaying obscene content.

Afreeca TV has banned a streamer soon after her first live stream ended. She was permanently banned from streaming on the channel due to obscene content. Thus the username blckswanette will not be allowed to steam again on Afreeca TV despite the fact that she amassed thousands of followers on the first day of her live show.

As blckswanette started streaming, she got over 5,000 followers. She was even given a nickname by followers Wakandahee, who also commented that they were drawn towards her appearance. During the show, she was warned by the site manager for displaying a revealing dress.

She even started exposing private parts that made site manager appear on her broadcast to warn her. Despite his warning, she continued her streaming with revealing dress. But when the site manager warned her repeatedly, she had to end her show.

Afreeca TV had also banned streamer Yeosoon after she tried to cut her wrists during live streaming. AfreecaTV screengrab

What Led Afreeca TV to Ban her Permanently?

But even at the end she caused trouble as she went nude when audience was still watching the live stream. She decided to end her live stream and bid the viewers goodbye. However, the live stream was still on and she started changing clothes, exposing her nude body. This led to her being banned from Afreeca TV permanently.

In April 2020, AfreecaTV permanently banned streamer Yeosoon after she tried to harm herself by cutting her wrists during the live broadcast. "I will do as you guys want me to. Don't curse BJ's. We're all eating depression medicine. I don't care if I get banned forever. I'm not going to stream anymore," she said before cutting her wrists.

Afreeca TV is one of the popular platforms of live streaming in South Korea. It started in 2005 but has undergone a sea of changes over 15 years. Recent policy changes in the streaming channel had led to many streamers opting out of the channel and joining Twitch and YouTube.

Afreeca TV was mainly known for re-transmitting TV channels. It is currently popular for live streaming where users upload their own videos and shows. This channel has broadcasting, viewing, channel listing, live chatting, and discussion board facilities. The channel has been criticized as a platform that offers sexual favors. Whenever streamers tried to sell sex through the channel during live broadcast, Afreeca TV has punished them by suspending their IDs and banning them from the channel.