Afghanistan's Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady Flees Kabul After Pinning Blame on Ghani

The chief of Afghanistan's Central Bank, Ajmal Ahmady, has fled Kabul after questioning the loyalty and incapability of President Ashraf Ghani and Afghan security forces. He has reportedly blamed Ghani for his incompetency in combating the crisis and surrendering the nation to the Taliban.

In a tweet, Ahmady, who is also the economic advisor to the President of Afghanistan, shared that he was disturbed by the situation in the city. According to his statement, he was worried and had to escape from Kabul after the terrorist group came looking for him in the city. He received an anonymous text informing him about the same, according to Reuters.

Ajmal Ahmady

Ahmady said he left deputies in charge after receiving disturbing reports throughout the morning.

He expressed his concern for the staff of the bank and blamed President Ghani for the collapse of Afghanistan. He accused him of his lack of leadership skills and commitment towards his duties as a President. Ghani fled Afghanistan on 15th August after sharing a lengthy post on Facebook addressing the people of the country. Ahmady had also expressed his shock over the failure of Afghan security forces in his tweets.

As the Taliban gained control, the US government stopped the supplies of dollar to the central bank of Afghanistan, Ahmady said. Even after several reassurances, banks and money exchangers were unable to convince them to continue the funding.

Ahmady is the former minister of commerce and industry in Afghanistan. According to a government website, he had previous experience working at the US Treasury, the World Bank, and a private equity firm. He was appointed as the acting governor of Da Afghanistan Bank in 2020.

Reports claim that Ahmady had previously booked a passenger flight which he couldn't board due to the rush of passengers. He confirmed boarding a military aircraft later, unaware of the destination he was heading to.

He also clarified that he was prepared to take the blame for the poor execution of work, if any from his end. A source at the World bank has reported that the tweets were posted from Ahmady's verified Twitter account. Ahmady hasn't responded to any of Reuter's mails and queries.