The Affirmative Approach of Shahbaz Choudhry: Prepares Amateur Cricketers Physically, Mentally and Informatively

Shahbaz Choudhry

Living in a world where facing competition is a prerequisite in any field, it becomes a compulsion to have mental toughness. Unless and until one is trained mentally, physical training leads to nothing but futile attempts. Be it any sports like baseball, basketball, tennis or boxing or fitness like running, weight lifting, or martial arts; the principles of mental fitness and the psychology of it can be reflected in any area.

Breaking down the term "mental toughness" in simpler words, is the mastery in plowing on during odd and nerve-racking circumstances. It is the ability to maintain a positive conversation with yourself even in adverse conditions. Shahbaz Choudhry, who now serves more than 100,000 fast bowling fans, made up of cricketers and coaches around the world, has been through a time when he literally fell out of love for his passion for Fast Bowling.

'Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do.' This line is aptly practiced and preached by the one who coined it, Shahbaz Choudhry. Seeing himself and many others like him being torn apart by the questions of success and failure Shahbaz came up with the idea of creating an Anthem that would keep strugglers motivated to continue with their passion for Cricket through the toughest of times.


Every work of Shahbaz has a glimpse of him. Every work of his is unique like him and his dedication towards Cricket and his fellow cricketers is no exception to this. The World's First Cricket Fast Bowling Anthem, "Keep Balanced" was brought to the world by his revolutionary platform "Pace Journal". Going through the lowest of times in his own career as a cricketer, Shahbaz realized the need to protect others from being in his place. Henceforth, he came up with the idea of such an anthem that would keep cricketers far away from the darkest of moments that he has been through.

Response to The Anthem

Sometimes people get so close to the doors of their dream. But due to the long hustle and the retarding forces from the exterior world they get completely exhausted and decide to quit. At that particular point of time all they need is a little push which keeps them moving ahead. The anthem KEEP BALANCED is the push which fuels many hustlers today. The comments section of the anthem is flooded with such powerful responses that scaled its reach to lakhs of organic traffic:

'I was about to quit and then saw this video ! Lyrics are totally relatable...Thank You Pace Journal For Some Amazing Energy! Let's Take On The World Pace Family'

'Great video. It shows proper bowling technique plus mental struggle also. It makes people aware of the mental pressure. Kudos to Pace Journal.'

'Fast bowling is a religion and this is a hymn for us. Love you Pace Journal.'

'An absolute fire brother. What a video and what a song. Truly its destined to inspire a lot not just cricket fans but anyone who needs motivation. Keep it up bro.'

Base Staxckz's lyrics and the entire team's effort behind this project triggered an influx of heart melting responses in the comments section. The decision of making this anthem was one of the best decisions that Pace Journal ever made.