Advocating causes like Save the Nature, Doodle Rockstar, aka SijinGopinathan, enthrals people with the Doodle Art Campaign


He is a UAE-based international artist who optimizes his Doodle art for global issues and causes around the world.

The world around us is constantly changing, especially after the pandemic, which has had some grave repercussions for humans, animals, nature, and others. These disruptions, however, only aggravated the many disruptions that humans have already caused due to their awful deeds, which led to global causes of global warming, deforestation, air/water pollution, and the like. Though over the years, there have been several individuals, NGOs, and institutions that have worked around these issues, a few individuals and professionals have shown their excellence in benefiting the world through their work in unimaginable ways. Instead of only speaking about grave issues, some people have even made every possible effort to throw more light and draw the world's attention towards them.

Take, for example, SijinGopinathan, a UAE-based international artist who, through his Save the Nature - Doodle Art Campaign, has thrown light on this issue through the power of his Doodling art, which has helped him become famous as the Doodle Rockstar. He says that he found a way through his Doodle art to reach more people around the world, creating awareness about the various environmental issues the world faces that threaten the planet. Explaining further, he says that the Save the Nature concept is all about highlighting deforestation and animal extinctions, water pollution and massive bird mortality, etc. It was found that nearly 137 species of animals, plants, and insects were lost due to deforestation.

Half of the 20 billion birds that live in North America die from several natural causes, and 100 million marine animals die every year from plastic waste. 100,000 marine animals lose a life from getting entangled in those plastics every year. SijinGopinathan, for being a compassionate artist, thought of transforming people's mindsets and perspectives for the better by optimizing the power of art, blending imagination and reality. He believes that art has the power to help people feel the world, inspiring them to think, engage and eventually take action.

He uses different canvases like shoes, T-shirts, cars, rocks, etc. He is even specialized in Live Doodle performances and doing International Art Exhibition worldwide, and working on the art project in the UAE, India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and more. Not just that, Sijin also launched his NFT Art platform, where mining NFT tokens will give 20% of each sale to environmental activities.

More and more such professionals and initiatives are needed around the world that can transform people's thinking and actions for the better.