Advertising Expert Shares 3 Ways To Generate High-quality Leads for Your Business

Omnisocial Alireza Rabar

As a business owner, it's easy to overlook advertising and marketing but overlooking it is costing your business new customers and loads of revenue each month. Marketing agencies like Omnisocial can implement systems that put your lead generation on autopilot and use social media marketing to maximize your revenue.

Founder and director of Omnisocial Alireza Rabar is an expert in social media marketing and specializes in helping service based businesses, such as property and home improvement companies, increase revenue through his unique approach to digital marketing.

Alireza has developed a methodical and scientific process consisting of 4 proven steps; clarification, validation, systemization, scaling. Through implementing AI systems such as automated email and SMS sequences and landing pages he converts businesses who wouldn't have considered outsourcing into your biggest fans.

Here, Alireza shares 3 ways to generate high quality leads for your business.

Use fast and engaging quiz funnels.

Quiz funnels are a nifty way to get people involved in your business. Through answering a series of interesting multiple choice questions aimed at your target audience, potential clients are introduced to your business and signed up to your mailing list. Quiz funnels allow you to have a better understanding of a potential client's needs allowing you to enter the consultation and pitch a service that is tailored to their unique requirements.

Use laser-focused targeted ads.

Everyone knows that it is possible to target ads based on a client's location but did you know that you can also target ads to their behavior and interest? Through laser-focused targeted ads, your ads aren't wasted on people who don't require your service and instead your ads are reaching the people who you want to work with.

Two point selling system.

A two point selling system involves a discovery call as well as a service consultation. During the discovery call, you have the opportunity to get to know the client and their business as well as allowing you to gauge if they can afford your service. In the consultation, you can use what you have learnt from the discovery call to appeal to your client and sell your service.

If you're ready to start making more revenue and hit your business goals sooner than you planned this year, get in contact with Alireza and Omnisocial Agency through their Facebook or Instagram.