Advancing Blockchain Education in Latin America: Doric Blockchain's Strategic Expansion.


Doric Blockchain, a blockchain technology and tokenization platform, is now expanding into the Latin American market, marking a milestone in its global growth. This strategic initiative aims to bring its tokenization expertise to the region and establish a robust educational program on blockchain and tokenization, with the goal of promoting adoption and understanding of this innovative technology in the Latin American community.

Currently, blockchain technology and tokenization are gaining momentum globally, with predictions indicating that real-world assets will play a crucial role in the adoption of digital assets by 2030. Established financial powers have agreed to tokenize real-world assets in 2023, based on research by Roland Berger. Real estate and financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, and investment funds) are the primary assets in the tokenized market due to the breadth of underlying markets and the numerous use cases they present.

The Boston Consulting Group estimated that the value of illiquid assets will be approximately $16 trillion by 2030, reflecting growing interest and adoption of tokenization as an efficient way to digitize and democratize asset ownership.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the Blockchain technology market is expected to experience significant growth, from $17.57 billion in 2023 to $469.49 billion in 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate of 59.9%.

A study by Zippia revealed that over 300 million people worldwide use blockchain for cryptocurrency operations, representing approximately 3.9% of the global population. These users are geographically distributed as follows: 160 million in Asia, 38 million in Europe, 32 million in Africa, 28 million in North America, 24 million in South America, and 1 million in Oceania.

While continents like Europe and Asia have advanced plans and proposals to explore this booming technology, blockchain adoption in Latin America is still in its early stages, with many communities and companies unaware of the potential of this technology.

That's why Doric Blockchain, as part of its commitment to education, has launched an educational project dedicated to exploring how blockchain

tokenization can transform the digital economy and associated business models. This project, which has been successful in the United States, is now seeking to replicate itself in Latin America, training entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders on the benefits and opportunities offered by blockchain tokenization.

"We are excited to bring our tokenization expertise to Latin America and work closely with the local community to drive the adoption of this transformative technology," said Theodore Essery, global ambassador for Doric Blockchain. "Our educational project aims to empower a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs in the region, helping them understand and harness the potential of blockchain tokenization to drive innovation and economic growth."

With its expansion into Latin America and its educational project, Doric Blockchain is poised to lead the way towards greater adoption of blockchain technology in the region and contribute to the development of a more inclusive and efficient digital economy.