Adult Star Lisa Ann Reveals Traumatizing Moment in the Industry: 'I was asked to Insert a Cross in me'

Lisa Ann, 49, is one among the most familiar faces in the adult industry as she starred in countless erotic movies for close to three decades and did scenes with both men and women.

The star has worked in a whole lot of saucy sets in both the U.S. and Europe and dealt with producers, directors and actors who treated her both good and bad.

Adult Star Lisa Ann
Twitter / Lisa Ann

During a video interview with the LADbible, Lisa revealed the dark side of the adult industry and said that she too had her fair share of humiliation at the hands of producers who treated her not as a person but as an object.

Lisa stated that she has walked out of innumerable sets during her career due to the unruly behaviour of the filmmakers.

She said that she was once traumatized and took weeks to recover after a director asked her to insert a cross inside her. Lisa said she didn't argue with the director but simply packed her bags and left the set without uttering a word as she was disgusted by his antics.

''I've still walked out more dates than I blocked out on porn sets. But I walked out on a lot of porn sets. A lot. I remember a director asked me to do something with a cross and I wouldn't have the conversation with him, I just packed my stuff (and left),'' she said.

The director followed her all the way to the parking lot questioning her as to why is she leaving and she hit back at him for trying to disrespect an entire religion.

''I remember being out in the parking lot, and he's, like, 'You're leaving?' I'm like, 'Yeah, the fact that you would disrespect a religion means I just can't share my brand with you. I can't work with you,'' and stated she couldn't agree with the director to degrade a religion.

''To me, that was so extreme, it traumatized me so much that anybody would even bring that in,'' she said.

Lisa, then walked down memory lane during her initial years in the industry in the 90s and stated that women in the adult business were treated with respect back then as only a few chose the career but things turned disrespectful years later after many women joined the business.

''Being a adult star in the 90s was very different than it is now. The girls were so valued. There weren't a lot who wanted to do this for a living, so (filmmakers) wanted to treat the ones who did so well,'' she summed it up.