Adorable 6-Month-Old Baby Goes Water Skiing In Utah, Sets New 'World Record' for Youngest Skier Ever [VIDEO]

The toddler, Rich Casey Humpherys, is said to have set the 'record' for the youngest skier in the world

At a time when the novel coronavirus is setting not-so-pleasing records on a daily basis, a 6-month-old toddler from the United States has accomplished an adorable feat that will put a much-needed smile across everyone's face. In a picture and a video shared on social media, Rich Casey Humpherys, the baby from Utah, can be seen water skiing to celebrate his half a year birthday and setting a new world record in the process.

The image, where a beaming Rich is looking proudly at the camera, was accompanied by a rather amusing caption that read: "I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently that's a big deal #worldrecord."

Rich Casey Humpherys
Picture posted on Rich Casey Humpherys Instagram account Instagram/ @richcaseyhumpherys

Setting a New World Record

The image and video were shared on Rich's own Instagram account by his parents, Casey and Mindi Humpherys. In the nearly 30 second-long video, the rose-cheeked boy can be seen holding on to the harness of the ski with a firm grip and riding the water with utmost concentration.

His father can be seen positioned on another boat close to him and cheering him; just within the length of holding the toddler in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Clad in a multicolored protective vest, the little skier pulling off the stunt effortlessly while his parents cheered him on.

It is believed that with the feat, Rich set a new world record for being the youngest water skier. He dethroned Auburn Absher from the USA who unofficially held the record when he skied on Falls Lake in North Carolina at the age of 6 months and 10 days in 2016.

Internet Divided Over 'Record-Breaking' Stunt

Ever since the video of the tiny 'record holder' was shared on the social media platform nearly a week ago, the users have not been able to get enough of the young champion. So far, the image and video have garnered nearly 11,300 likes. The comments section exploded with comments that were directed at the little Rich's cuteness and amazement of his accomplishment.

"What a rad baby... hasn't even been alive a whole year and is way cooler than all of us," wrote a user. "Next step bungy jumping?" read another comment. Another user declared, "The future world champion right there." The comments section was filled with similar exciting remarks.

Rich Casey Humpherys
A screen grab of Rich skiing Instagram Sreengrab/ @richcaseyhumpherys

However, not all netizens were approving of the stunt. Some felt that parents were being irresponsible and were engaging in 'child abuse'. A disapproving comment read: "Yea, a big deal for child abuse. This is criminal."

"This is 100% for your own ego and brings nothing to your 6 months old child than putting him in an unnatural position at his age and putting his life or spine in danger. This adds no value but likes to your instagram page. What a shame how far some are willing to go for fame these days," said another critical remark.