Adi Reddy Shows the Top Tactics for Being a Successful YouTuber with No Money Invested

Adi Reddy

YouTube has become a platform that many of us were lacking. However, only some of us have utilized it to its maximum extent and earned the credit. Adi Reddy, whose real name is Boddu Venkata Audi Narayana Reddy is one such successful YouTuber who started from scratch, faced numerous hurdles, and has achieved victory.

Today, Adi Reddy owns three successful YouTube channels with over 4.5 lakh subscribers. He started his YouTube journey amidst the financial crisis in 2018. Initially, he never thought he would hit this big. He says that he just shared his opinion on Big Boss Telugu without any expectations and that the results were surprising to him as well. He declares that he never took YouTube for granted and strives each day to achieve perfection and deliver the best content to his audience. He advises the upcoming YouTubers to focus on the quality of the content rather than the video itself. He says that he began with a 13k Rupees mobile phone to shoot his videos and has not changed it. He never invested in big camera set-ups. Since there is no investment, he does not have to bear the pressure of profit and loss. He only ever bought a microphone worth 600 Rupees for his channel; the only investment.

Adi shares some best tactics to succeed as a YouTuber for those who are just entering the game.

1.Firstly, start shooting and do not think about the equipment for investment. The utmost important thing is for you to start.

2.Focus on producing quality content even if your equipment is basic. Never compromise on the quality of your content.

3.Try to increase the engagement rate in your videos. Understand the analytics and use them to your advantage. It will help you to recognize your target audience, what they like and what does not work. If there is traffic and people are not watching, then change your style. Experiment with different content creation styles until you find what suits and works for you. If any of your videos become viral, it indicates people like that kind of content. Hence, create more of it.

4.When you are in the beginning stage, it is better to stick to the trend. You should search for trending topics and create content on them. He says that if you are confident, then you can start with controversial topics as well. Present your views and ask for your audience's opinion.

Boddu Venkata Audi Narayana Reddy believes that if with hard work he can climb any mountain with ease, then so can you.