Adelaide Schrowang: Florida Woman Arrested on Flight for Refusing to Wear Mask and Spitting on Passenger [VIDEO]

A cellphone video shows the moment Schrowang was removed from the plane at Southwest Florida International Airport on July 7 after the captain called the police.

A Florida woman was arrested after she refused to wear a facemask on a Delta Airlines flight and then spit on passengers after she was confronted by police and airline crew. Adelaide Schrowang, 23, was dragged out of the flight by officers after she put up a fight with the airline's crew and other passengers.

A video taken on cellphone shows the moment Schrowang was escorted off the plane at Southwest Florida International Airport on July 7 after the captain ordered she be removed from the flight. The video of the incident has since gone viral.

Creating Ruckus

Adelaide Schrowang
Adelaide Schrowang Lee County Sheriff's Office

Schrowang created a scene after boarding the Delta Airlines flight last Wednesday as the plane was at the gate and about to take off. She wasn't wearing a mask and refused orders even as the crew members made repeated requests.

She was then ordered by the captain to wear the mask or deboard the plane but Schrowang even refused to do so. The crew then called police to help them remove the unruly passenger. When police arrived and tried to remove her from the plane, she put up a fight with them.

A passenger recorded Schrowag's interaction with two uniformed officers who tell her they would ask her just one more time to put her mask on or they would forcibly remove her. The video then shows Schrowang complaining that officers are "not respecting my human rights" as she is removed from the plane.

She's recorded going back and forth with officers who tell her she is not complying as she ask "Why do you have the right to put your hands on me? What am I doing that makes you feel you have the right to put your hands on me?"

Things, however, don't end there. Schrowang, while being removed, spits on the passengers and continues to argue with the officers.

Tough Passenger

The video shared on Twitter has since gone viral. It also shows Schrowang crying and yelling at the officers at one point who try hard to remove her. "Can you help me to understand as a human that is alive why?" she emotionally ask the officers at one point. "Seriously I'm asking as a person?"

Adelaide Schrowang
Adelaide Schrowang being confronted by the police Twitter

"Here's what's happening, were going to deplane the aircraft, I'm going to take you off the plane," one of the irritated officers say. Finally, she was arrested and removed.

It is not known if Schrowang has been released. Schrowang, of Sarasota, was charged with resisting an officer, trespassing and interference with aircraft operations.

It is the latest incident of a passenger refusing to wear a face mask or follow other orders, with the FAA saying this month that airlines have reported more than 3,000 incidents involving unruly passengers since January 1.

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