ADAX Onboards Mate Tokay, the co-founder of, as a Strategic Advisor

Mate Tokay

It is vital to start building a name for the project as soon as it hits the marketplace. That is why ADAX has been creating strategic partnerships and collaborations! The newest addition to the ADAX team is Mate Tokay, the co-founder of, who joined as a business adviser and a shareholder. The announcement of this collaboration came shortly after ADAX announced a partnership with Charli3, another significant Cardano player.

About Mate:

Mate Tokay is a prominent voice in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. Mate got interested in Bitcoin in late 2012 and began mining in mid-2013 using custom-built ASIC miners as an early adopter of cryptos.

After seeing the potential to discuss advancements in the ecosystem, he established the Bitcoin information and review website, which he then sold and co-founded with Roger Ver. His main objective and passion are to see cryptocurrencies utilised as broadly as possible, and he enjoys attending events and meeting new people engaged in the field. Mate has long been a Cardano enthusiast, having purchased his first ADA bag for less than 0.3 cents. His goal is quite similar to ADAX's, which prompted him to join the team and work for the worldwide acceptance of the platform.

Mate's reputation as an industry influencer adds significant value to the project and enhances ADAX's position. In addition, his user acquisition expertise, crypto space, massive network, and public perception will help the platform gain traction.

ADAX has already shown itself to simplify decentralised exchanges and provide liquidity as an automated market maker giving value to the Cardano ecosystem. In addition, ADAX has collaborated with Charli3, an open-source, decentralised oracle for Cardano, in order to expand its reach. Netvrk and Black Dragon are two more notable collaborations, serving as marketing, development, and research partners.

All of these events add up to a new pivotal moment in the project's life cycle. Coming out of nowhere and getting this sort of momentum was necessary, and it hasn't gone undetected. The Cardano Native Token listing on ADAX is scheduled on June 26th, shortly after the Initial Exchange Offering finishes on June 25th. Even though the market is unstable, to say the least, the team has chosen not to wait and demonstrate trust in their project. The IEO's last hours serve as a final call to investors interested in participating in the following major decentralised exchange. The ADAX token is available for $0.3 on ExMarkets. Following the token sales and token listing completion, the next immediate step will be ADAX off-chain staking, which will begin on June 29th. Overall, the ADAX team is pressing the correct buttons, and they will continue to do so in the months ahead.

Because the project is still in the early phases of its public sale, it constantly develops and brings in new partners and performs airdrops and private sales. Join our community to stay updated.