ADAX continues to attract strategic investment


ADAX, with its avant-garde decentralized exchange protocol, was born in the spirit of fulfilling Cardano's vision of creating a blockchain platform for visionaries, innovators, and makers of change. Since its inception, the company has received stupendous public reception and utmost support from the Cardano community for the project innovation. During the previous two weeks, it has not only established a budding community worldwide by distributing tokens to people from all over the globe, but more importantly, it has obtained the endorsement of the Cardano Foundation for its well-conceived efforts in advancing the company's vision.

Here are some of the most notable Achievements of the said organization:

1) Established a global community that is comprised of over 15,000 members

2) Oversubscribed Round 1 of private sale

3) Near sell-out of IEO in a span of a few days

4) Published essential documentation detailing the pertinent technical details for the native tokens of Cardano

Out of all these, the most prized achievement would definitely be gaining the recognition of the Cardano Foundation, as ever since our mission has been to play a part in bringing Cardano's vision of enforcing positive change to fruition. That said, gaining Cardano's endorsement is a major accomplishment for the said project.

In order to further establish itself as a powerful trading venue within the ecosphere of Cardano, ADAX has also fostered quality partnerships with companies such as Netvrk and BlackDragon, to gain an upper hand in terms of technical and strategic resources. With these newfound partners, ADAX is able to ensure that it is able to deliver quality service and additional value to the community.

Lastly, another pillar of the company's core principles is to always be in active search of opportunities that will educate and educate the community. Having this in mind, its development team has most recently published a document outlining and summarizing all the important details for minting and burning Cardano native tokens. At the end of the day, this publication seeks to give new projects who are newly entering the field a smoother and easier time.

ADAX public sale is live until the end of the week and If you have any more inquiries about ADAX or any matter about its private sale, please feel free to reach our sales team at In line with our public IEO on ExMarkets, ADAX always has its prospects on private investments with Crypto Funds, Family Offices, VCs, DAOs, and HNWI