Adamant North Korea launches two short range missiles into sea amid Coronavirus scare

  • The range and the kind of the missile is unclear

  • South Korea has condemned the action by calling it deeply inappropriate

North Korea has tested two short-range ballistic missiles on Saturday raising concerns from the rest of the world, which is grappled with continuous spread of coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak.

South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that North Korea fired the two missiles from the county of Sonchon in the North Pyongan province which splashed 255 miles into the sea off North Korea's east coast which is toward Japan.

Tokyo said that the missiles were not fired into the country's territory or exclusive economic zone. It is unclear what missiles the country fired and what their range as few details are made available as the neighbours are still analysing the details.

The tests have come at a time when the coronavirus fears have gripped the entire world. North Korea has conducted three tests this past month.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends a grand military parade celebrating the 70th founding anniversary
Kimn Jong Un Reuters

Kim Jong Un steps up military activity

North Korea has increased military activities in the past month or so and its action was condemned by South Korea describing it as "deeply inappropriate." So far, there has been no official confirmation from North Korea about an outbreak in the country. Health experts fear that the country is hiding an outbreak and others see missile tests to cover the truth. North Korea will receive the initial shipment of medical aid in the coming days.

Pyongyang has called the Covid-19 a situation of national survival but has not reported any infections. In late January the isolated country tried to close the borders as the cases were spreading in its neighbouring nations. An outbreak in North Korea is predicted with the possibility of a humanitarian disaster.

The tests signal the return in the provocative actions by North Korea just a year after a failed meeting between North Korea's Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump. The meeting was held in Hanoi, Vietnam in February last year.

North Korean tests in March

North Korean military conducted a live-fire training exercise at an unidentified location on Friday, March 20. Previously there were tests conducted on March 3 and March 9 this year. During the tests, North Korea fired various types of multiple-rocket launchers as part of a live-fire winter military drill. It was overseen by Kom Jong Un.

The Red Cross and various other organisations have requested the World Health Organisation to create exemptions for the North so that medical supplies could be sent to the country.

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